www.sejm.gov.pl Sejm of the Republic of Poland

www.mofnet.gov.pl Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Poland

www.mpips.gov.pl Ministry of Economic Affairs and Labour

www.mswia.gov.pl Ministry of Interior and Administration of the Republic of Poland

www.ms.gov.pl Ministry of Justice

www.mz.gov.pl Ministry of Health

www.parp.gov.pl Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

www.zus.gov.pl Social Insurance Institution

www.rzu.gov.pl Insurance Ombudsman

www.nbp.pl National Bank of Poland

www.nsa.gov.pl Supreme Administrative Court

www.pip.gov.pl State Labour Inspection

http://is.poznan.pl Internal Revenue Chamber – Poznań

www.stat.gov.pl Central Statistical Office

www.euroinfo.org.pl Euro Info Centre, inter alia: pieces of information about fairs, seminars and conferences, as well as business cooperation offers and publications
www.money.pl Popular economic website

www.rzeczpospolita.pl Daily “Rzeczpospolita”, including „Dobra Firma”, where you can find articles and guidelines regarding business activity

www.infor.pl Popular website for financial accountants and lawyers

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