RACHMISTRZ Accounting & Business Consulting Limited Liability Company specialises in serving small and medium companies with accounting, employee issues and business advising.


Our accounting services comprise:
  1. keeping account books
    • all accounting records (general ledger, subsidiary ledger, analitycal fixed assets register, analytical endowment register, VAT register) in accordance with the regulations,
    • settlements of owners,
    • preparing financial statements and declarations (annually and monthly),
    • services on employee issues,
    • Revenue Office and Social Insurance Institution settlements.
  2. receipts and expenses tax-books
    • receipts and expenses record,
    • analytical fixed assets register,
    • analytical endowment register,
    • VAT register,
    • services on employee issues and owners’ settlements,
    • Revenue Office and Social Insurance Institution settlements.
  3. lump sum records
    • revenue record by lump-sum stakes,
    • analytical fixed assets register,
    • analytical endowment register,
    • VAT register,
    • services on employee issues,
    • Revenue Office and Social Insurance Institiution settlements.
Accounting services are provided in our office. We also offer the possibility of permanent supervision over the accounting in the registered office of the Client, particularly in range of:
  • keeping cash and bank transactions and on-time-settlements with budget and ZUS,
  • verifying VAT sales register,
  • supervising over employees issues,
  • eliminating accounting arrears and correcting account errors,
  • establishing supplementary ledgers,
  • professional trainings of Clients cooperating with our Company.

The accounting services of our Company include the preparation of tax declarations and tax returns, financial reports and reports for statistical purposes, as also credit applications and business plans etc.

Constant contact with our Clients enables us to maintain special control over the commercial operations and the associated tax settlements.


Our services in the field of employee issues include:
  1. payroll (wage sheet) preparation,
  2. preparing printout personal reports of the insured (RMUA),
  3. preparing declarations for the ZUS (Social Insurance Institiution),
  4. completing duties associated with the calculation of social insurance premiums,
  5. sending appropriate declarations to the ZUS by the means of electronic mail,
  6. updating registration information, as well as acting as an intermediary in the submission of registation documents for the social insurance, and withdrawing registrations in the accordance of the limits set by law,
  7. calculating tax advance for the Personal Income Tax,
  8. preparing tax declarations PIT-4, PIT-5, PIT-5L, PIT-8B, PIT-11, PIT-28, PIT-40,
  9. preparing bank payroll transfer orders for the employees,
  10. preparing bank transfer orders for tax advance and social insurance of the employees,
  11. establishing the rights of employees to salaries for the period of their inability to work,
  12. prepering benefit charts,
  13. verifying the order of service contracts bills in accordance with tax regulations and social insurance law,
  14. preparing job contracts,
  15. preparing job contracts’ terminations,
  16. issuing employment certificats,
  17. supervising employees’ documentation, including employee files, working hours record and holiday record,
  18. preparing all kinds of employment reports for the executive board.


Our business advising services include:
  1. constant consultations concerning Clients’ accounting and fiscal problems,
  2. services on opening, transformation and liquidation of a commercial enterprise,
  3. preparation of credit applications,
  4. preparation of business plans,
  5. preparation of European Union funds applications,
  6. analysis on the current financial and economic status of the Company,
  7. providing the Client with up-to-date information on the changes of law, affecting the operations of the Client, both in the area of tax law and other aspects, as well as implementing new solutions concerning the changes of law,
  8. participation in the tax institutions proceedings (preparing applications, suits, complaints, appeals, representation in the proceeding).
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